Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Berlin >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hello, programs.

Wow, this place is depressing. Gee, do I want to go on a concentration camp tour, a communist tour or a nazi tour? I’ll take the tour of poorly cleaned public toilets instead, thanks. I mean, your not supposed to mention the war, but they keep bring it up, know what I mean? And I saw a movie theater showing the Producers. Either the Germans have a sense of humor, or there’s going to be riots.

Haven’t heard from Chantal yet. Come on, honey. I won’t wait forever! It won’t be long before I find someone new!

I took the Palestinian flag off my bag. Some security people at the train station got pissy about it. No sense of humor. (Uh-oh, there really will be riots!)

I spent my first evening here looking for a dance club to hit. They’re supposed to have bitchin’ clubs here. Of course, I don't dance, I just go for the music. It’s been snowing, and I didn’t really pack for that, so to get out of the cold I went to the first place I could find that was open. It was actually a pretty cool place. Can't remember the name. Something German, I think. They were playing some sweet house and techno music, so I spent most of the night there. Someone told me there’s a club that won’t let you in unless you’ve got your wang doodle hanging out or something. I think that’s what they said. Don’t understand German, so I kinda end up yelling english at people until someone understands.

I don't really like going out in this weather, but I knew I’d have to go out anyway to hide my Dogpile swag. So I went to take a look at some sights. They’ve got some wacky architecture here. Even the freakin’ Reichstag has some sort of nuvo dome growing out of it.

Check it out! Proof that Germany is evil! The Legion of Doom set up shop here after the Nazis left!

I spent a lot of time looking for the Relevantive offices. I found it, but apparently they don’t have tours. Sux. But I dropped off my resume. I can’t imagine moving to Berlin, though. Maybe they’ll let me telecommute! That would be sweeeeeeeeet.

Nice of them to mark spots for MILF hunting. ;-)

I don’t know who’s in this photo. I never met this guy while I was at Dogpile. Unless its the wife who works at Dogpile. I don’t know. I just grabbed it while I was leaving. But that’s a handsome family. Maybe that will be me one day. Me and Chantal. But no kids. Kids are a pain in the ass.

Speaking of which, I guess you should know that I wasn’t always the playa I am today. So I was thinkin’ of a new search option for Dogpile: meet singles while you search! You can have a cookie on your computer that knows your hometown and preferred sex and age range. Then as you search for stuff, a program determines your interests from your search words, and gives you information on singles you might like to meet! The more searching you do, the better match you get! See, it encourages further usage of the site. It’s win-win! I’m already working on the code for compiling and matching. Dogpile, give me a call. We’ll work out terms.

Froze my damn fingers off burying the photo. I gotta get out of here and go someplace nicer.

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