Tuesday, February 21, 2006

San Francisco

San Francisco >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I’m going to be sick if I don’t get outta SF, it’s SO damn cold, I thought it would be an easy trip, take in the sights, eat some crab…whatever. The girl that I knew in grade school who lives here never returned my call before I left, so I ended up having to bunk in fleabag hotel in town. Man, they are SO many weird people here, it’s like I’ve landed on another planet, the lady at the desk spoke in some weird English that the fee for the night was $99.but then she charged me all this other crap on top of it. I’m not cheap or anything, but it was all I could get ‘cause there’s some convention for Microbiologists in town or something like that. Makes you not want to touch any door handles in this city.

What’s the saying “a good microbiologist washes their hands BEFORE and AFTER they use the bathroom”…sick, sick, sick.

So I had to find another coordinate for my next ‘gift’ for Dogpile, but there were too many people around. So I found a town known for it’s MILF’s so I thought I’d check it out, at least to get the job done.

The GG bridge is pretty cool, crazy to think that it only took them 4 years to build it, it’s bigger than I thought it would be.

So I got into the town and got a coffee and took in a movie, I saw the Woody Allen movie ‘cause I’m NOT going to pay ten buck to see two cowboys kissing and all that stuff. Not my thing. I went over to the beach, there were all sorts of birds there the only one I spotted was a Marbled Godwit, kind of a brown nervous thing.

It was strange coming out of the theatre in the afternoon, maybe that I should get used to about being unemployed, so I wandered around the redwoods to get this box out of my bag. Nice to unload the 'gifts' even after this short trip down the coast.

It’s so damn cold, I’m heading to warmer climes, and maybe I’ll get lucky. Maybe Debbie is shooting some thing for Skating with the Stars, damn she’s so hot!

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Seattle >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Since the car accident with my dads bimmer I’ve been living with my Uncle Emmett in Seattle. He’s a champion roaster for Starbucks or SB or something…he leaves me alone for the most part, except when he’s doing his damn tasting parties…

I hate coffee. And DAMN it rains a lot here, but not this evening it was clear and cold…but as long as it wasn’t raining I could get the job done.

Stay tuned I’ve gotta get outta town…

Link: http://andylandrews.blogspot.com
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