Friday, March 03, 2006

Video of the Day: Dad Scares Kid

Is this really funny or just really messed up?

Okay, it's pretty messed up. But isnt it a father's duty to prepare his child for this kind of thing? Now if this kid accidentally catches a rerun of Pufnstuff, he won't have to spend a weekend hiding in the closet like I did when I saw it at his age. ;-D

(j/k. I was hardcore when I was a kid.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is horrible. How tramatic for that little boy. I can only hope that what I just saw doesn't tramatize that little spirit for the rest of his life.

9:37 AM  
Blogger Andy Landrews said...

And I'm traumatized by your spelling.

10:18 AM  
Blogger Soulfull said...


9:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi i'm also sorry to say this also but even though you were trying to help him so he wouldn't look at porn and stuff i just feel so sorry for this little boy to see something like that on his computer must've been really scary for him and i'm just sorry he had to be hurt like that and scared i think maybe what ya should do to help your child instead of scaring him is to just maybe if you see him do something bad you should probably just ground him or something i know if my dad tries to keep me outta stuff like that he'd block my computer or either ground me for a week if i did that i'm not trying to say i know everything or i'm smart i'm just sorry that kid had to feel the way he did that must've been terrible i can see he really felt bad about that i know i'd be i would've probably had nightmares. but anyway i'm just sorry he felt like that but ya know it is smart to keep kids away from the bad stuff that lerks on the internet to be that young and to see that stuff like porn and stuff is just awful i wish they'd ban that or something cause i hate young kids being disposed to that and who ever came up with porn on the internet must've just been plain stupid cause i believe porn is very bad not just for kids but adults too. so yea i understand you being concerned about that stuff. for your kid especially but i just think that if he should've been like you said warned about going on to stuff like that i don't think probably taking that route was good. I think like my dad does to me he should be grounded or if you do see him doing that show him that you mean it. now i'm not the smartest kid but i just think that was kinda messed up. But i understand your needs for your child to stay away from porn cause they should ban it but anyway porn is bad for everybody even sometimes it can cause viruses on your computer. so i understand your needs. but ya know just make him understand that so your child will know to keep out of the way of porn on the computer even if you have to you can rig your computer so if he does end up on those sites before he even decides to they'll block him out and even saw a warning too that your kid isn't allowed to view these sites. And that way you'll be good. Just ask your computer guy how you can keep your child away from porn that should do it.

4:54 PM  

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