Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I thought long and hard about the best way to kick off my
adventures in retro-employment, maybe I watch too much TV, too much Comedy Central…Actually I don’t because Office Space was on AMC a week or so ago. I love that movie, probably because it’s so scary-real.

"What did you steal?"

"We'll call it a going away present."

*Office Space 1999

Today was my last day of work at, and like Peter, I decided to take a going away present. Only difference is, I took ten or so...

That's right Dogpile, the last laugh is on you. You may not be Inatech, but I think you said goodbye to the best tech guy you ever hired. Think you won’t be calling me back??? oh you’ll be callin…

Oh.. Dogpile is a search engine that’s all the search engines wrapped into one, a Google sort of company that existed before Google ever Googled…but better.

The peeps are pretty coolio at Dogpile, their programmers were nice to me, taught me a few things, but sometimes I kind of felt invisible, kind of like being around my super-capitalist-fat-cat dad….well, now that I think about it, just about my whole family ignores me.

Even after that time I drove over Mrs. Naiman’s cat statue next door with my dads BMW, they just called to tow truck and had him drive me to the airport.

Yesterday I was told it would be my last day working at Dogpile,,,which really really suks. It was kind of a McJob-temp thing, but I had hoped that’d it be more permanant. But they let me go. The suits were kind enough to NOT have me escorted out by security, and I was able to hold onto another persons temporary key card that I got when mine was being made. Their mistake.

So in the name of fun, and adventure, and Office Space, I decided to come back to the office after hours take a few going away presents. Armed with an open airline ticket, and a bag full of stuff. I’m going to see how good Dogpile is at finding THEIR stuff, not everybody elses…

You shouldn't ever keep the VPN login on a post-it just laying around. Does Lawrence ever clean up his desk? Yeahhhhhhh........right........

So Dogpile? You want your stuff back? Those company party pics that somehow went missing....that conversation about Silver that I recorded last Friday at happy hour when Bruce and Deana weren't looking....Thomas Brixley Lancaster, you may need to call Harvard about your diploma. HA-HA!

Come and get ‘em Arfie…Dogpile, if it’s not you, it’s the great webosphere’s turn.

I’ll post pretty soon when I’ve started the misson…stay tuned…


Blogger sharoncnumbers said...

That would be "Samir" (not Amir).


7:06 AM  
Blogger Andy Landrews said...

Thanks for the catch! I don't want to be misrepresenting one of the greatest films made (and partly my inspiration for my little quest)!

6:53 PM  

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